At Complete Auto we’re Dayton’s leader at taking already awesome vehicles and making them even better!

Our focus is on turning your vehicle into your dream vehicle! Some people want more power and acceleration, some want to go racing, and others want to just have a more fun commute to work each day.

Either way Complete Auto can make your dreams a reality!

Our Dyno – DynoJet 224xLC

Complete Auto has a brand-new DynoJet 224xLC Chassis Dyno that can be utilized to Pro-tune your vehicle or to simply find out how much Horsepower and Torque your vehicle currently has.

Our state of the art Dyno offers advanced diagnostics on a wide variety of vehicles. Automobiles with as little as 20 horsepower to race cars with 2000+ horsepower can be tested safely, consistently and reliably in the shop under ideal load conditions.

Unlike other Dynamometers which simply measure horsepower, our dynamic testing and graphing capability highlight problems in an easy to interpret manner. Electrical, fuel, clutch or converter slippage and drive train problems are determined quickly. All tests are stored for future comparison and analysis. Automatic measurement of the barometric pressure and ambient air temperature together with humidity measurement ensure repeatability between tests.

Our Dynamometer can duplicate the best “seat of the pants” road testing, right in our shop. Our method of measuring horsepower is relatively simple. Energy drawn from the rear tire is stored in a rotating mass sized to simulate driving a vehicle on the road. A computer connected to the Dynamometer displays horsepower by measuring drum acceleration. Runs with up to 2000 + horsepower are processed into easy to interpret graphs and saved for future reference.

We are able to tune nearly any domestic or import car to extract even greater levels of performance and efficiency, all while utilizing the most reputable brands in the business.

Call today to get a quote on a tune and/or power gain for your specific vehicle.

We source, order, and install almost every part upgrade available for your vehicle. Examples are far too numerous to list, but a few common examples are:

  • Upgraded Turbos
  • Headers
  • Cold-Air Intakes
  • Cat-Back Exhausts
  • Superchargers
  • Coilovers
  • Larger Brakes
  • And more…

To get expert advice on what part(s) will work the best to meet your goals and fit within your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you want to just add 20-30 HP or build a 1000HP street car, Complete Auto can make it happen for you!